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The Finnish campaign plans the counteroffer for the Nokia mobile business



The project called Nokita believes that the value of Nokia mobile business could quadruple in a short time compared to the offer of Microsoft if it began to make Android, Linux and Windows Phone telephones. If a fierce plan came true, Nokia would have to pay compensation for damages to Microsoft.

The general meeting of Nokia on November 19th will make a final decision on the selling of the mobile business to Microsoft. Microsoft has offered 5,44 milliard euros for the mobile business and the board of the company has recommended shareholders to accept the offer.

Now a counteroffer is arranged, however, with Finnish powers.

The leader of a campaign and offer plan is an entrepreneur and Juhani Parda, who has acted as the general manager in the 90’s in Nokia. Talouselämä-magazine told about the matter as the first one.

Parda has as an objective is to collect the investor group which would offer 5,5-6 milliard euros, in other words more than Microsoft offers.  In addition, the investors would reserve 2 milliard euros for the transition costs.

If succeeding, the project would change the strategy of the company very dramatically. The company would begin to make Android and Linux telephones, in addition to Windows phones.

From the campaign belief in its own strategy is strong. The leaders believe that the value of mobile business would increase to as much as 23 milliard euros in three years. So the value of the telephone business would rise in a short time to a three-fold from what the campaign offers for the telephone business.

Compared to the offer of Microsoft the value would rise even four-fold.

The calculations have been made by  a former head economist of Nordea Roger Wessman. Calculations are based on the assumption that Nokia could take over 10 or 15 per cent of the market of Android telephones in a year and 25 per cent in three years.

If a campaign gets fire under its wings and would succeed in collecting the allowances to the counteroffer, an interesting situation would be created in the company. The Microsoft agreement namely forbids Nokia on the asking of other purchase offers and consciously even on the making possible.

If namely a majority of the shareholders of Nokia voted in the extraordinary general meeting against the Microsoft trade, Nokia would have to pay the compensation for damages of nearly 38 million euros to Microsoft.