Light positive consumer confidence trend continued in Finland

consumer confidenceAccording to Statistics Finland the consumer confidence indicator stood at 7.2 in December whereas in November it was 6.4 and in October 3.8.

Confidence in the economy was in December stronger than one year ago (3.5) but still below the long-term average (12.2), according to the data are based on Statistics Finland’s Consumer Survey.

Of the four components of the consumer confidence indicator, only consumers’ already bright views about their own saving possibilities improved in December from the previous month.

Expectations of Finland’s economic situation and unemployment development, in particular, were still weak

In December, 31 per cent of consumers believed that Finland’s economic situation would improve during the next 12 months, while 29 per cent of them thought that the country’s economy would deteriorate. In last year’s December the corresponding proportions were 23 and 40 per cent.

Altogether 15 per cent of consumers thought in December that unemployment would decrease over the year, while 55 per cent of them believed it would increase. Twelve months earlier the corresponding proportions were 11 and 61 per cent.


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