Finnish unemployment rate 9.1 per cent in February

According to Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate was 9.1 per cent, having been 8.7 per cent in February of the year before.

The number of unemployed persons in February 2014 was 241,000, which was 10,000 higher than one year ago.  There were 26,000 fewer employed persons than in February of the previous year. The number of persons in the inactive population was 25,000 higher in February 2014 than one year earlier.

In February 2014, the number of employed persons was 2,405,000, which was 26,000 lower than a year earlier.

There were 1,446,000 persons in the inactive population in February 2014, which was 25,000 more than in February 2013. Of the inactive population, 135,000 persons were in disguised unemployment .